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Relationships are special. When we meet someone who can be that special friend our hearts and souls light up. But our relationship, like everything of value, needs to be cared for and maintained.
Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (E.F.T.) is a gentle and up-building therapy to help couples recognize the negative cycles that could destroy love, and find new ways to love and care for one another.
You are invited to watch the Still Face Experiment. One cannot help but be moved at the baby's distress when she looses connection with her mother. As adults we have the same need for bonding and connection. When we loose that connection with our partner, husband, wife, beloved, we too experience distress. Like the infant we protest. This protest may be expressed as anger, which is experienced by our partner as blame or critisism. Or it may be expressed by silence and withdrawal, which can be experienced by a partner as rejection.  This further widens the disconnection.
With  Emotionally Focused Therapy you can both learn to reconnect to your deepest attachment longings for each other which at present are clouded over by the experince of disconnection and protest.
 Have you the courage to heal the hurt and love deeply again?

​We provide Emotionally Focused Couples sessions, these are normally 1 hour weekly. Fee £50 per couple per session. 
​We also facilitate Hold Me Tight workshops for Couples. 

Child and Adult Attachment

7 Couples Enrichment Week End

Hold Me Tight® Workshop ~ Derry City, Northern Ireland
Presented by Seamus and Bernadette O'Kane

(both Certified EFT Therapists)
Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October 2018

Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

A Two Day Experiential Workshop for Couples

Venue: 10 Pelham Road,  Derry
Cost: £250 per couple

Booking Deposit of £50 to secure place 
Contact:   Seamus  07989 946 344  or Bernadette  078 873 98765
email: [email protected]    [email protected]

As a couple ourselves we value the support, joy and happiness that our relationship gives us. We also acknowledge that living in relationship is not always easy. Our own experience of participating in the Hold Me Tight® workshop has convinced us of the value of this workshop as a resource for couples.
The workshop consists of seven conversations for connection based on the book ‘Hold Me Tight®’ by Dr. Sue Johnson. Each conversation is outlined and explained by the facilitators in the group session and the actual conversation takes place between the couple. We invite couples to join us on this beautiful journey. We will guide and support you through it.
For More information on Hold Me Tight Workshops® click on the link below.
®​ Hold Me Tight is a registered trademark to Dr. Sue Johnson

Hold Me Tight®
Emotionally Focused Therapy
Seamus  and Bernadette  O'Kane are Certified
Emotionally Focused Therapists.  Couples sessions can be arranged in either of our two centers in Derry City or Maghera. Sessions last 1 hour and the professional fee is £50 per couple per session.
Seamus O'Kane  Tel: 07989 946344
Bernadette (Mc Donagh) O'Kane  Tel: 07887 398765
For more information click on the link below.
Dr. Sue Johnson